What is microtransit?

microtransit lastmile urban mobility

"The future of electric vehicles is golf carts" Harvard Business Review

Economic Development

microtransit lastmile

  • Economic development
  • Increased access to public transportation by bridging the "last mile"
  • Augments public safety

Deployable today!!

microtransit lastmile

  • Smart city ready
  • Telematic connected fleets
  • Real-time data aggregation

dynamic routes

microtransit lastmile

Data driven

Our proprietary telematic devices provide a one of it's kind data aggregation platform that allows for efficient deployment to meet any demand capacity.

Ease of use

Getting a ride is a snap! Waive one down along the dynamic route, call our geo-fenced, dedicated dispatch line, or download our app!  

(we haven't quite figured out how telepathy works just yet, but we're working on it!) microtransit & last mile solutions have never been easier!

Reliable, Safe, and Fun!

Our customers enjoy a unique mobility experienced that a stuffy van or a giant bus just can't offer. Take a ride with us today and you'll see what our eCabbers have been raving about!


We're expanding nationwide, your city could be next!

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Fully telematic data aggregation microtransit platform.


We invented microtransit and last mile service! We were first to market, now we have the largest fleet on planet Earth!