April 3rd , AUSTIN, TX


Due to complications regarding the Coronavirus local municipalities are restricting the hours and manners in which service industries operate around America to prevent and manage the effects of "Community Spread". 

We applaud these efforts and support them 100%.

Currently we at Electric Cab of North America are recognizing an OVERWHELMING need

in all of our communities to find innovative ways to support  and connect local grocers, restaurants, and stores to the neighborhoods they serve. 

Electric Cab of Austin Cabs are ideal for solving this unique problem for a number of ways.

  1. Our vehicles use a vinyl screening system that keeps what's outside the vehicle where it belongs. Easy to clean, and guarantees groceries or cargo won't have problems when it comes to the weather, allergens, or harmful microbes.
  2. Being an all-electric fleet means we don't need to stop for gas - our fleet is parked, charged, and maintained at our headquarters and while in operation are cleaned multiple times per hour with disinfectants to keep our drivers and cargo safe.
  3. Our drivers are able to leave groceries outside customers doors or wherever our customers would prefer to support their own individual needs and abilities.
  4. Our drivers have all passed FBI Fingerprint Background Checks and we trust them.
  5. We are from Austin. Our employees live in Austin. We love this city.

We will have announcements shortly and we can't wait to keep Austin moving.

-Chris Nielsen

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Reach out to your local leaders online and on Social Media today and tell them you are  ready to get your groceries delivered the easy way.